Assigning Freshdesk Properties through WPForms

This is an easy one: if you want to use WPForms (or similar form plugins) to submit tickets to Freshdesk you simply forward the inquiries to your Freshdesk address. If you want those tickets to automatically be assigned a type, tag, priority, group or agent you could use Zapier but it’s even easier to just use Freshdesk automations.

In WPForms

You’d for example create a dropdown field to choose the priority of the inquiry (low, medium, high). In your notification settings you’d either use the {all_fields} Smart Tag or the specific field_id of the priority tag to display the priority in the email you forward to Freshdesk.

In Freshdesk

You simply create an automation to assign the priority low, medium, high if the text of an email contains either of those words. For this you create three separate rules, one for each priority. In my case the Freshdesk UI is in German, hoch meaning high, as in high priority.

This pretty much works, but let’s improve it a bit. The issue would of course be that inquiries with the word hoch would always be assigned the priority=high, even if hoch would be used in a different context.

You also have a second issue, what if you want to submit, say, tags you don’t want to display in the notification email?

Both are easily fixed by hiding some html that is more specific:

<div style="display:none;">

display:none; is hiding the div, but Freshdesk still reads the text. By using a prefix (_priority=) you can make sure you correctly assign the priority.

You alter your Freshdesk automation to not look for Email descriptions that contain the word high but rather _priority=high.